'S o f - C a o' - LTD. was registered in Sofia in 1996 with a fully private capital.
Subject of activity: manufacture and trade with chocolate and sugar articles.
It is in possession of its own production base in the town of Ihtiman located over a plot of 2,5 acres.
The manufacture of chocolates with cream filling of the so-called pralines and luxurious chocolate bonbonnieres is carried out in conformity with modern state-of-the-art technology and with technological equipment of 'HACCOS' French-Belgian Company.


Sof - Cao - manufactures a wide range of the following chocolate articles:

  • Chocolates with cream filling with strawberry, raspberry, apricot, morello cherry,
    pine-apple, lemon and orange taste.
  • Chocolate bonbonnieres with hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds and pasta of them.
  • Chocolate bars and coffee chocolate block bars
  • Chocolate cream
  • Semi-manufactured goods and raw materials for confectionery

'Sof - Cao' LTD. Company is a winner for high quality and unique packages:

- in 1998 - Silver Lion of Made In Bulgaria
- in 1999 - Golden Medal of International Fair - Plovdiv
- in 1999 - Golden Medal of Balkans without borders

A big part of the production of the Company is exported in Georgia, Macedonia, Armenia and Vietnam.


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